Mount Rushmore: Michigan

The Detroit News published articles regarding a Mount Rushmore of Michigan.  A Mount Michmore, if you will.

The chosen few: automobile pioneer Henry Ford, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, hockey legend Gordie Howe and Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr.

Among those that were not given the honors:

  • Ty Cobb
  • Madonna
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Bob Seger
  • Rob Ritchie (Kid Rock)
  • Gerald Ford
  • Pontiac
  • Bo Schembechler
  • Jacques Marquette
  • Mike Ilitch
  • Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac
  • Walter Reuther
  • Hazen Pingree,
  • Frank Murphy
  • Fr. Gabriel Richard
  • Thomas Edison
  • Magic Johnson

Among others.

Who do we thin deserves to be on the list?  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, and Magic Johnson.  Although Rosa Parks made news in the South, everyone knows her ties to Michigan.  This is the same with sports legend Magic Johnson, whose reach extends far beyond Michigan and basketball.  Ford and Edison speak for themselves.

What do you think?

Mount Rushmore: Sports: NFL

Lebron James made the news with his NBA Mount Rushmore and then everybody started sharing their Mount Rushmores of the NBA.  We already took a stab at the NBA one.  Here is our take on the NFL Mount Rushmore issue:

#1.  Vince Lombardi.  The NFL named its trophy after him for a reason.  While there have been a lot of good coaches in football (Don Shula, etc.), Lombardi transcends sports.  No NFL Mount Rushmore can keep him off.

#2.  Jim Brown.  For those who remember watching Jim Brown in the NFL, he is the all-time greatest player ever.  Not just running back.  Player.  He did it all in 9 seasons of 12 and 14 games too.  The stats are there.  They eye test is there.

#3.  Joe Montana.  Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath are possibilities here, but it was Joe Montana who ushered in the real “modern era” of the NFL.  In an era of 16-game seasons and every game being televised, Montana was the most dominant QB among his peers–such as John Elway, Dan Marino, and Jim Kelly.

The last one is always the toughest:

Unitas, Namath, Elway and Marino.

Dick Butkus and Lawrence Taylor

Walter Payton and Barry Sanders

George Halas and Bill Walsh

Ed Sabol (NFL Films)

Pete Rozelle and Paul Brown

#4.  Jerry Rice.  Montana’s teammate, Jerry Rice, dominated the receiver position in the NFL like no other.  He has 400 more receptions than the all-time #3–a nearly 33% edge.

So there you have it: Vince Lombardi, Jim Brown, Joe Montana, and Jerry Rice.  What do you think?

Mount Rushmore: Sports: NBA

Lebron James made the news with his NBA Mount Rushmore and then everybody started sharing their Mount Rushmores of the NBA.

Here is this blog’s take on the NBA Mount Rushmore issue:

#1.  Michael Jordan.  There is nobody that more signifies the modern era of basketball than Jordan.  He is the one that converted NBA players into celebrities off-the-court.  He was legendary on the court as well.

#2.  Bill Russell.  In a sport where offense is easy to measure, Bill Russell has the defense and championships that are second-to-none.  Wilt may have scored more.  Kareem may have had a more defined offensive game.  But Russell won like few others in sports.

#3.  Wilt Chamberlain.  Although his off-the-court conquests are legendary, he put up statistics that few will be able to duplicate ever.  Not many players will ever average 50 points per game for a season like Wilt the Stilt did in 1961-1962.  Michael Jordan scored 50 points in a game 39 times during his career.  Wilt averaged that over an 80 game season.  Plus, he averaged over 22 rebounds per game.

The last one is always the toughest:

Larry Bird

Magic Johnson

Bob Cousy

Jerry West

Oscar Robertson

George Miken

#4.  Magic Johnson.  He revolutionized the point guard position.  Of course, he was able to play virtually every position.  He won 5 championships and 3 MVPs in an career span that also included Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Michael Jordan, and Isaiah Thomas, among others.

So there you have it: Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Magic Johnson.  What do you think?

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